Me and Pete started gardening in our first year. I didn’t know a thing about gardening. Pete had done a bit before. We kind of made it up as we went along. We handed a shit load of leaflets out and people started calling us for work. Pete researched some spool about Japanese knotweed, which […]

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Desperate, vain plea for votes

Hello, I am desperately seeking your help. I am part of a short story competition for literary magazine Bartleby Snopes. This is something really exciting for me and I would be really grateful if any of you could vote for my story. The story is called ‘Forget-me-not’. You can vote for it at If you […]

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The Truth About Joggers.

In recent weeks, I have developed something of a hunch. Sauntering about the town, pavements are ever populated by a strange, breathy sort of folk – a panting, scantily clad breed of human, that meanders about tirelessly…trudging onwards in a futile, sticky gloom. They are known commonly as ‘joggers’, here in the UK. You know […]

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The Measure of Men.

It appears to be that time of year again. That long awaited, highly anticipated season…’Summer’. Well, maybe the twilight days and weeks of it, but I think you would agree it is ‘Summer’ nonetheless. Well, unless you’re in Australia. I presume it is winter there. For those of us in the pea sized United Kingdom, […]

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Survival of the Vapid.

In Darwin’s broadened, prophetic eye, survival was deemed to be attributed to the fittest. And it seems to have rung true, this sweet tongued aphorism, “survival is of the fittest!”, for folks ever since. I mean, I suppose it makes sense. It seems to have made sense for all of history. For those troublesome dinosaurs, […]

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